Best flooring for long-term

Best flooring for long-term

Here's the truth: If you buy the highest quality you can afford and have it installed correctly, you'll always extend the life of your flooring. It's also like anything else: The better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

The following surfaces can last 50 or more years. So keep them in mind when shopping for new floors.

Oak, hickory, maple, ash

Hardwood is king when it comes to long-lasting ability; it’s been known to last for decades, sometimes up to 100 years.

The species mentioned above are particularly hard–and that translates to long-lasting.

It's important to remember that all hardwoods aren't equal in strength. Ask where it stands on the Janka Scale of Hardness; anything over 1290 is hard.

Engineered hardwood

This has been known to make it almost 50 years. So when you enter our flooring store, you’ll see a wide selection of hardwood species.

The finish makes it tough. Engineered floors are always prefinished, so they come with an ultra-tough top coating that can only be used in controlled settings.


This product can also last up to 50 years. However, remember that every tile type isn't the same; each has different strength and absorption levels that determine where and how they are used.

Tile installation is tricky, so a professional one is necessary. And be sure to tell the professionals at the flooring company just how you plan to use it.

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